The Sweet Service                    Subscription Service

Creative Cinematic Style Property Videos

or Standard Top Level Property Videos.

Level 1 - Individual Agent

A very powerful tool that can be shared across all social digital platforms, dramatically increasing the properties exposure throughout the campaign.

At SweetMedia Co we know how crucial a stunning property video needs to be. With creative shots, smooth transitions, colour grading and storytelling  we capture the very essence of the home...The perfect addition to your Digital Interview.

Our property video Packages include:

- A different Style SweetProperty Video for any real estate Advertising platform.


- 20 Second Promotional Video Packed with only highlights and a call to action. Absolutely perfect for Paid Advertising.

or Speak to us about our Standard Top Level Property Videos.

This SweetService is by far a MUST HAVE for your next listing.


Video Testimonials

We know how difficult it is to do all your daily tasks as a Real Estate Agent and also to focus on quality content for your digital interview.


Our full comprehensive package is tailored to who you are as a person and what best suits your personality.


Through a series of pre arranged content from Photography to Video this monthly subscription is perfect if you are an individual agent looking to grow. 

It's quick, affordable and more importantly this option is your gateway to some really incredible extra services. With no lock in contracts if you're not happy just leave.

We can even guide you on recommended sharing options on all platforms.

Level 2 - Small Team

This is revolutionary.

You will be hard pressed to find a service with the experience &  knowledge anywhere else needed to really make this successful.

Be the absolute standout. 

No two campaigns are the same so you can really enjoy your own personalised style...kind of like your fingerprint.

If this isn't in your marketing budget - Then it's only because you don't know what it's about.

Call or email us today to discuss pricing and services.


Did you know 91% of people aged between 18 - 34 trust online reviews and testimonials as much as personal recommendations?

Imagine if you could somehow tap into that 91%...oh Wait here it is!

If we know a large portion of the market trusts reviews and testimonials, wouldn't it make more sense to create more content that builds trust long before you even sit in their living room?

Have the edge over your core area in your next listing appointment. This will get you in more doors giving you the potential to secure more listings and we all know stock is king right now.

Remember buyers will always come...if you have listings.

Profile Videography.

Level 3 - Gold Edition

Your profile video is your chance to lay the foundation to your digital presence and even your career.


If you can clearly portray what your business stands for and how you want to be perceived in the market via the BIG statement that is your profile video and every video from that point on is in alignment with your profile...the amount of credibility and trust generated from this investment is HUGE....You're Actually crazy if you don't have one yet.

Office/Business Promotions

If you're an Elite Office or one starting out and everything in between it doesn't matter the principle is still the same.


Your listings breed listings.

Become the office every High Performing Agent wants to work from. 

Creating and forming a strong relationship within the community, If your positive actions can directly start a conversation at the dinner table about your office's efforts. If they need to sell or if they know anyone who needs to sell...who do you think they will mention?


With video you can recreate that at MASS scale. 

For high performing Agents who understand the importance of the digital world. 

It's an exclusive premium subscription for premium users.

If you're ready for the next level into the unknown then this it.