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 Customised Real Estate Videos & Photography in Macarthur and NSW. 

The Vision.

At SweetMedia Co we strive to not only provide you with professional quality Video & Photography but to really help you as a business, Real Estate office or Agent to truly stand out from your competition. 


SweetMedia Co was founded in 2020 after seven years of industry experience in Real Estate Sales in an Elite Performing office with Australia's largest Real Estate Brand, where I soon discovered the opportunity we have now. The digital space is an exceptional world on it's own and it really is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by it and left as an afterthought.


Understanding consumer behaviour and how to hold attention consistently is a crucial step in improving your digital interview. It really is a scary thought to think you are being interviewed by a potential  buyer, vendor or customer by what you upload online 24/7. This is why SweetMedia Co was Established.

We are extremely different in a way as we built our processes off the back of working directly in the field achieving phenomenal results and now we want to share our secrets with you.

Our vision is to not only make filmmaking a fun and creative experience for you but we want to help you arm yourself with the tools to simply and easily create content with devices you already own in a short amount of time with little to no budget. If however you are serious about your business and growth we have options  that I've never seen available to agents and businesses before. This is where it gets exciting.

So if you're ready. 



Is this your new home?

Is this your new home?

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